March 1, 2016

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Mance Media Launches 4K Channel 4KUNIVERSE™


LOS ANGELES, CA – March 1, 2016 - Mance Media, a global film and television distribution company, today announced the launch of 4KUNIVERSE™, a new general entertainment Ultra HD channel set to entertain television audiences across North America and around the world.


With the support of global satellite operators, SES and AsiaSat, 4KUNIVERSE will be available to millions of cable, IPTV and MSO subscribers, as cable operators and a broad range of MSOs ready their networks to provide 4K Ultra HD with new 4K set top box technologies and SES an AsiaSat’s unique satellite-delivered Ultra HD platforms that are accelerating Ultra HD home delivery.


4KUNIVERSETM is a new consumer-facing 4K brand, serving as the ultimate destination for Ultra HD entertainment. 4KUNIVERSE is available today for $5.99/mo. (or the local currency equivalent) subscription on YouTube and Vimeo. In addition to North America audiences, 4KUNIVERSE is available to viewers across the globe, from Australia and New Zealand to Russia, Poland, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Taiwan and Brazil.


The first-of-its-kind 4K company, 4KUNIVERSE was founded and launched by Matthew Mancinelli in 2016 and backed by Mance Media’s 4K theatrical movies, TV series and award-winning documentaries.


“Today is a special day and I’m happy to announce the launch of 4KUNIVERSETM, a new multiplatform brand that makes 4K Ultra HD content more globally accessible, says Matthew Mancinelli, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of 4KUNIVERSETM and Mance Media. “Having strategic partners on board like satellite companies SES and AsiaSat allows our channel to enjoy the largest possible audience and adds immediate value at launch. I look forward to rolling out 4KUNIVERSETM in many ways, growing the subscriber base and working alongside filmmakers shooting with 4K cameras. I encourage readers to sign up for the 4K streaming channel on YouTube or Vimeo to enjoy full-length 4K movies, TV series and documentaries like never before. I also encourage readers to call their local cable company to request them to carry the new 4KUNIVERSE™ channel” says Mancinelli.


“Mance Media and 4KUNIVERSE represent exciting additions to the compelling and growing Ultra HD channel line up on our SES satellite-based Ultra HD platform,” said Steve Corda, VP of Business Development in North America for SES. “SES has the largest Ultra HD platform in North America, based on channel count and native 4K content. And as consumers continue to purchase Ultra HD TVs in record numbers, a robust channel offering is essential to meet their growing appetite for high quality, high resolution Ultra HD programming,” Corda explained. “4KUNIVERSE provides the compelling content that Ultra HD TV owners are demanding, and SES’s unique end-to-end platform, designed for cable TV systems, 4KUNIVERSE will be delivered in a linear-channel format to virtually every cable TV headend and household in North America.”


“We are very pleased to welcome 4KUNIVERSETM on board our UHD platform on AsiaSat 4. Their exciting range of UHD theatrical movies and documentaries together with the powerful footprint of AsiaSat 4 will bring more choice of compelling content to the Asian audience. We are very excited to play a part of their global distribution and wish Mance Media every success,” says Sabrina Cubbon, Vice President | Marketing & Global Accounts, AsiaSat


Highlights of the channel include the documentary ‘Circles of Life: Iceland 4K’ directed by Reinhard Kungel; the theatrical feature film ‘The Rumperbutts 4K’ directed by Marc Brener and starring Mates of State, Arian Moayed (Rosewater), Vanessa Ray (Bluebloods, Pretty Little Liars) and Josh Brener (Silicon Valley); the time-lapse documentary ‘Timescapes 4K’ directed by Tom Lowe; the family fantasy film ‘Scarlet’s Witch 4K’ directed by F.C. Rabbath; the nature documentary ‘Grand Canyon 4K’ directed by Roman Khomlyak; and the 80’s drama ‘The Toy Soldiers’ directed by Erik Peter Carlson, which received a 15-city theatrical release last through AMC theaters. Mance Media has even shot various experimental videos in 4K itself, such as its new 3-hour long ‘4K Fireplace’ w/ 5.1 surround sound.


Mance Media is actively acquiring additional 4K Ultra HD programming across all genres to expand the content offering of 4KUNIVERSETM and the channel will make its international market debut in Cannes at MIPTV in April.


The AD-FREE subscription features programming in 3840x2160 pixels and some in HDR (high dynamic range).


In the near future, 4KUNIVERSETM will be distributed as a 4K channel to every platform globally, including linear 4K broadcast as well as on Ultra HD Blu-rays.


Starting Q2 2016, 4KUNIVERSETM will start testing UHD linear feeds with satellites SES and AsiaSat.


Mance Media is currently in talks with private equity and VC firms to raise capital for 4KUNIVERSETM and is seeking to expand operations with the new investments, including self-funding original 4K programming in the years to come.




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4KUNIVERSE is a new consumer-facing brand, serving as the ultimate destination for 4K Ultra HD entertainment. The brand is initially available as a $5.99/mo subscription on YouTube and Vimeo. The 4K brand is the first-of-its-kind and is backed by Mance Media’s 4K theatrical movies, TV series and award-winning documentaries. In the years to come, 4KUNIVERSE will be distributed as a 4K channel to every platform globally, including linear 4K broadcast as well as on Ultra HD Blu-rays. For more information, please visit:


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Mance Media is a global film and television distribution company based in Los Angeles, CA.

Its core business is the distribution of English-language television programming to broadcasters globally and is also an established international sales agent for narrative feature films. In the United States, Mance Media is a growing movie studio releasing 5 to 8 films a year across all platforms including in theaters. The company was launched by Matthew Mancinelli in 2012. For more information, visit:


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