May 3, 2022


ORANGE COUNTY, CA – May 3, 2022 – Matthew Mancinelli, Founder and CEO of 4KUniverse, today announced that he has named his Department Heads at 4KUniverse.

  • Roberta Sparta becomes Head of Production.
  • David Montgomery becomes Head of Motion Pictures.
  • June Roberts becomes Head of 4KUniverse Television Group.
  • Alexander Joseph becomes Head of Web 3.0.
  • Sunita Joseph becomes Head of Studio Operations.
  • Jaime Andrés Salazar becomes Head of Cinematography.
  • Marisa Young becomes Head of Development.
  • Christina Day becomes Head of Advertising Sales.
  • Abigail Jennings becomes Head of Culture.

+ New addition: Doug Nolan becomes Head of Post Production.

Each Department Head reports to

4KUniverse Studio Head, Matthew Mancinelli.

Matthew Mancinelli doubles as the Head of Worldwide Distribution for 4KUniverse.

There will be harmonious integration between television and movies as the 4KUniverse Multiverse cinematic universe is developed. The 4KUniverse Multiverse storylines and characters cater to both mediums.

4KUniverse plans to release movies theatrically and then window to maximize the value of the asset. 4KUniverse will then release movies on its 4K streaming service, through its affiliates, to 4K TVOD/EST outlets, and will hold onto worldwide rights for distribution. 

4KUniverse has offices in Los Angeles and Orange County, California.





Founded in 2016 by Matthew Mancinelli, 4KUniverse is America's 1st 4K HDR TV Network. The network consists of a 24-hour general entertainment 4K Cable TV channel and a direct-to-consumer Ultra HD streaming service priced at $10/month. Our one-of-a-kind TV Network features eye-popping visuals 4X the number of pixels as HD, vibrant colors thanks to WCG (wide color gamut), HDR (High Dynamic Range), and provides the perfect companion to the tens of millions of 4K TV's currently in American households. 4KUniverse is a much-welcomed addition to the traditional Cable TV package and 'streaming wars.' It even has its own sort of world, called the 4KUniverse Multiverse. This world is filled with hundreds of movie characters, storylines, Heroes, Villains, love interests, and wars. For more information, please visit:


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