May 14, 2018

4KUNIVERSE Accelerates 4K Ultra HD Broadcasting With 30 More Titles

General Entertainment 4K TV Channel Adds 30 More 4K Titles To Its Schedule Including Vegan Cooking, 3D Animation, and Underwater Exploration.


Los Angeles, May 14, 2018 – 4KUNIVERSE, the new 4K Ultra HD Cable TV and subscription streaming channel announced today the addition of 30 more 4K titles to its summer and fall schedule.


Highlighted new additions include:


Eddie is a Yeti 4K (26 episodes)

Premiere Date: Saturday, June 30 at 7am ET.

Genre: Children’s TV series

‘Eddie is a Yeti’ is about a Yeti named Eddie and his best friend Polly. They are always out and about trying to make sure Eddie is in disguise, but always having fun together. 


Plant-Based By Nafsika 4K (12 episodes)

Premiere Date: Wednesday, July 18 at 1pm ET.

Genre: Vegan cooking and lifestyle

Plant-Based By Nafsika brings you vegan experts covering different faces of cruelty-free

lifestyle - food, nutrition, wellness, relationships, and science.


Sportfishing with Dan Hernandez 4K (15 episodes)

Premiere Date: Tuesday, July 17 at 4pm ET.

Genre: Sportfishing Docuseries

Fishing isn’t just a sport to us, it’s a way of life. For the past 30 years we have been educating anglers about fishing along the Pacific Coast. We fish and film from Alaska to Central America and spend most of our time fishing in Southern California. We also enjoy teaching our viewers how-to cook their catch. Sport Fishing with Dan Hernandez is California’s longest running television fishing program ever.


Model Turned Superstar 4K (18 episodes)

New Episodes: Tuesday, September 4 at 9pm ET

Genre: Entertainment/Competition

Who Will Be The $1 Million Winner? Featuring Supermodel guest judges Alessandra Ambrosio Irina Shayk and Ana Beatriz Barros, Model Turned Superstar is a new hit modeling competition show that brings together 80 international models to compete for a life-changing grand prize and their shot at worldwide fame. The winning model receives a grand prize of $1,000,000 and a model contract.


Blue World 4K (10 episodes)

Premiere Date: Monday, September 24 at 3pm ET.

Genre: Underwater exploration

Blue World is an underwater adventure series hosted by dynamic naturalist and underwater photographer Jonathan Bird. It is co-produced by Jonathan Bird Productions and the non-profit organization Oceanic Research Group. The premiere 4K-resolution season features episodes on tiger sharks in the Bahamas, muck diving in Iceland, Florida cave diving, the Mayan underworld, scuba diving in Turks & Caicos, diving with NASA, a shark electrosensory experiment, flower gardens in the Caribbean and an episode featuring a giant Giant Pacific Octopus.


The Great Wild Indoors 4K

Premiere Date: Friday, September 14 at 7pm ET.

Genre: Wildlife

The wild space of our homes is really unknown terrain. We know a lot about the pests like cockroaches and bedbugs, but we know very little about all the other creatures we live with, which are the vast majority. Your house is the next great frontier to explore. 


The Tigers of Scotland 4K

Premiere Date: Thursday, July 26 at 7pm ET.

Genre: Wildlife

A feature length documentary by Wild Films Ltd and narrated by Iain Glen (“Game of Thrones.”) It focuses on the fragile existence of the Wildcats, their status and what conservation efforts are being undertaken to ensure their survival. Bringing knowledge of their existence and awareness of their status to a wider audience is crucial to preventing their extinction.


Hoh Rainforest 4K

Premiere Date: Tuesday, August 7 at 4pm ET.

Genre: Nature Documentary

Researches show that more than half of the world's population live in big cities and are not surrounded by green nature. Hoh Rain Forest opens great opportunities to change your TV screen into a window, looking out of which will open gorgeous views of tranquil nature.


Cosmos Laundromat 4K

Premiere Date: Sunday, July 8 at Noon ET.

Genre: 3D animation

A 4K HDR 3D animation film by Director Mathieu Auvray featuring a confused sheep who meets his fate in a quirky salesman on a deserted island. 


20+ 4K movies


4KUNIVERSE also has 4K Pay-Per-View events, 4K resolution news segments and a dedicated 4K movie night in the works for summer 2018.


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