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To apply for an internship, become a production assistant (Entry-Level), Part-Time, Full-Time, auditions, modeling, voice-over, or to become an On-Air Broadcast personality at 4KUniverse Network, please submit a cover letter and resume to:

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a. Become an Entry-Level Virtual Production Assistant (PA) 


College Internship with 4KUniverse Network. They receive college credit, an evaluation, merch, real-world entertainment experience and receive a stipend upon completion of the 3 month internship. Students in the past were either attending college in California or made arrangements for housing if attending a college outside of the state.


Los Angeles & Orange County, CA

(Updated Monthly)

Executive Assistant to the CEO #2

All hands on deck. 

Vault Coordinator

Create a cloud vault filling system for 4KUniverse programming across many codecs. Must have experience with 4K file formats, encoding, transcoding and Final Cut Pro X.

Manager, International Sales & Acquisitions 

Exhibit at International Markets, manage international distribution, and form new buyer relationships.

Vice President, Global Distribution

Exhibit at International Markets, oversee international distribution, and form new buyer relationships. 10+ years of experience required.

Senior Vice President, 4KUniverse, Inc. 

Works with the COO & General Counsel to navigate corporate transactions.

President, 4KUniverse, Inc. 

Reports directly to Matthew Mancinelli, Founder & CEO, 4KUniverse, Inc.

4KUniverse Manager of Operations

The logistical master of the company.

Talent Coordinator

Help with on-Air talent arrangements, scheduling, and bookings.


For 4KUniverse Multiverse movies and the King Matthew blockbusters.

Storyboard Artist

Design sketches and storyboards for new characters.

Chief Operating Officer & General Counsel

Supervise all day-to-day departmental and business functions.

► Spearhead development, production, content acquisition, & channel launches. 

► Engineer alliances with OTT/mobile device providers and smart TV manufacturers.

► Serve as executive-in-charge of production, supervise budgets, cast and crew, scheduling, logistics, editing and delivery of program materials to 4KUniverse Network for airing. 


Global Distribution

4KUniverse Entertainment

Marketing / Advertising

Public Relations

Talent Relations

4KUniverse Parks & Consumer Products 


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