What is 4KUniverse?

4KUniverse is a 24-hour 4K HDR Cable TV Channel and an Ultra HD Streaming Service.

What cable companies offer the live channel?

4KUniverse is currently live in 5 U.S. states on cable as part of a customer's cable package. 4KUniverse counts over a dozen cable operators as affiliates, including KPU TV Alaska, Jackson Energy Tennessee, and Highlands Cable North Carolina. The company is negotiating with the top 5 largest cable operators in the U.S. for the national expansion. 

4KUniverse has separate satellite feeds across Asia-Pacific and across Europe, Middle East and North Africa. 4KUniverse is aggressively expanding internationally and currently boasts Swisscom (Switzerland), Ooredoo (Qatar), and Etisalat (Middle East/North Africa) as affiliates. 

Who is the founder of 4KUniverse?

Matthew Mancinelli

When was 4KUniverse incorporated?

January 2016

Was 4KUniverse one of the first 4K cable channels offered in the United States?

Yes, it was one of the first 4K TV channels to exist in America. 4KUniverse started broadcasting 24-hours a day via satellite in February 2017.

What kind of content airs on 4KUniverse?

4KUniverse is a general entertainment channel, much like a TV Network (CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX), airing TV series, movies, documentaries, specials, nature & kids content. Our wide-ranging 4K HDR programming includes early morning airings of the children’s series, ‘Eddie is a Yeti’; daytime shows like with vegan cooking series ‘Plant-Based by Nafsika’; primetime with ‘Model Turned Superstar’ entertainment series featuring Victoria’s Secret supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio; and late-night airings of new docu-films like the Patagonia extreme-skiing film, ‘The Empire of the Winds’. 

What are 4KUniverse's satellite downlink parameters?

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When will the 4KUniverse cable channel be available in my state?

Check your local listings or call your cable company.

Why doesn't my cable company carry 4KUniverse?

- New Cable Boxes 

Believe it or not, '4K' became a buzzword way back in the beginning of 2014. Large cable companies, like Comcast, Charter and Cox, had to commission new cable boxes be built to decode a 4K resolution signal. 4K requires a new video codec and, hence, why new cable boxes were needed. Product development to deployment took about 3 years. Today, cable companies are still slowly deploying 4K set top boxes to their customers, laying the groundwork for 4K linear channels.

- Large Media Conglomerates

Simply put, it takes larger companies more time to adopt new technology. If it were up to us, every American would be able to watch our live channel and we would be apart of your monthly cable bill today!

- 4K HDR Content Availability  (But not anymore!)

What comes first, the chicken or the egg? Producing or sourcing 4K content back in 2014 was difficult. The lack of 4K content posed an issue for broadcasters, operators and the whole media ecosystem. Thankfully, that problem has since been solved and the TV market has had a chance to catch up. Filmmakers and producers are now shooting their movies and TV series with 4K resolution cameras. There is plenty of 4K content available to sustain regularly scheduled live 4K broadcasts and live 4k linear cable channels.

How much is 4KUniverse's streaming service?

After a 7-Day Free Trial, it costs $10/mo or $100/yr.

How fast does my internet speed need to be in order to enjoy 4KUniverse's streaming service?

We suggest a consistent internet speed of 25 Mbps. Most internet plans today are affordable with speeds offered at 100 Mbps.

How do I sign up to the 4KUniverse's streaming service?

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Is Cable TV dying because of all the cord-cutting?

Television advertising on broadcast and cable is a $70 Billion a year business. As long as major brands continue advertising on linear television, cable TV will continue to exist.

Linear television is a very sticky destination for viewership and TV advertising is extremely impactful.

Every year, the "upfronts" are held in New York City where the broadcasters secure large upfront advertising commitments for their Fall television season.

Actually, the way people are receiving linear channels is changing. For example, CBS is live through your cable company and also live through your OTT device via Paramount+ . The first method is through a legacy cable box and the second is through Roku.

With cord-cutting accelerating and over-the-top (OTT) viewing on the rise, outlays on TV ads slipped 0.5% in 2018 to $69.87 billion. 

TV ad spending will see a slight uptick in 2020 (due to the US presidential election and Summer Olympics in Tokyo).

Cable companies like Comcast, Charter, and Cox certainly have to reexamine their delivery of TV content, as they lose customers on quarterly basis to cord-cutting. They have adapted by offering streaming channels like NETFLIX right in their cable guide or available on their cable box, like Comcast's Xfinity TV. In the near future, broadcast stations will offer free-to-air channels using new technology like ATSC 3.0 and mobile phone companies, like Verizon and T-Mobile, will offer live TV through 5G.

The last argument for why cable TV as we know it will not die: live sports and newscasts. 

Article: Global pay-TV far from dead (ABI)

Do I have to adjust my TV Settings to enjoy 4K HDR?

Yes. Within picture settings of your 4K HDR TV, go to your Expert Settings > change GAMMA to HLG. Then, go into your Color Space Settings > change COLOR GAMUT to BT.2020

Why should I care about 4KUniverse?

Because it is so cool! It is immersive. It is cinematic. It is the best picture quality out in the market today. 4KUniverse is 4x the number of pixels than HD, boasts 1 billion colors vs. 16.7 million colors with a HD TV, features vastly better contrast, and produces overall brighter images, thanks to HDR.

If I have the Family Plan subscription ($100/yr), do I still have to pay the full one-time $360 payment (Chief of Staff Access VIP Plan) for the 4KUniverse Network Awards or to watch Rated R movies?

4KUniverse will refund you the difference. The $100 refund will appear on your bank or credit card statement in 7 to 10 business days from the date you purchased VIP.

If I have the Basic Plan subscription ($10/mo), do I still have to pay the full one-time $360 payment (Chief of Staff Access VIP Plan) for the 4KUniverse Network Awards, or to watch Rated R movies?