Founding Concept

Founding Concept:

To take advantage of the rapidly growing 4K TV market share by offering a one-stop-shop family entertainment destination for 100% 4K resolution content. 4KUniverse has first-to-market leverage in its brand and with its 4K Ultra HD programming.


Initial Results:

1 million minutes were streamed within 3 months during a beta test on the Roku platform in 2017 without any marketing or advertising. Consumers flocked to 4KUniverse, because it was the first to offer the new 4K video format via OTT. Company turned a profit in its 2nd year by securing Pay-TV affiliate agreements.


Other Comments:

- 4KUniverse is one of the first channels to broadcast in 4K resolution 24-hours a day in the United States.
- Founder Matthew Mancinelli's 16-year global content distribution experience came in handy to clear content rights.
- Recovered from the COVID-19 global pandemic and became stronger, aided in part by Mancinelli's perseverance, grit, and entrepreneurialism.