4KUniverse is a safe brand for your children. The 4KUniverse Live TV Network is a safe brand for advertisers. Welcome, Mom, Dad. Take off your shoes. Stay a while. Well, actually, pour yourself another cup of coffee, then come back. We'll wait...

Good Job. How do you have your coffee? We like ours black. We also enjoy espresso. So, to jump right into the 1 MINUTE CRASH COURSE ON 4KUNIVERSE...

As a high level overview, 4KUniverse is many things. It's an upcoming movie studio. It's a theme park in development. It's a Live Cable TV Network in 4K HDR resolution bursting with 1 Billion colors and it's one of the first commercially-available 4K channels in America! It's also a new streaming service (delayed because of COVID). It even has its own sort of world, called the 4KUniverse Multiverse. This world is filled with hundreds of movie characters, storylines, Heroes, Villains, love interests, and wars. 

The creator of the 4KUniverse Multiverse is Matthew Mancinelli. He is also the Founder of 4KUniverse, Inc. Matthew has 16 years of content distribution experience in Hollywood. 

So, back to your kids, yes, get them hooked on 4KUNIVERSE! In fact, we will let you in on a little secret. We actually don't want people to sign up for the Chief of Staff Access VIP Plan, because we don't want our 4KUniverse family entertainment brand associated with Rated R movies. The only way to watch a Rated R movie on 4KUniverse is with the Chief of Staff Access Card. (In other words, your children will only be exposed to MPA rated G, PG and PG-13 movies.

Dad, we cannot stop you from pulling the trigger on the Chief of Staff Access VIP Plan. Watch those Rated R movies on 4KUniverse in 4K HDR resolution. Do it. Let's Goooo!

 4KUniverse Reviews - 5 out of 5 Stars.

"The 4KUniverse Multiverse is visionary. The anticipation is killing me. King Matthew and the 4KU Army's Gold!" - Ryan from San Diego

"The 4K HDR resolution picture on 4KUniverse is unmatched in today's market." - Antonio from Miami

"He's like the next Willy Wonka or Walt Disney. Watch what happens next." - Cliff from Philly

"I just leave 4KUniverse Network on all day long lol. Looks incredible on my 65" 4K HDR TV." - Joe from New Jersey 

"I get the 4KUniverse Network on cable! It's so cool." - Brian from Pennsylvania

"I just got Chief of Staff Access. Time to hibernate." - Marcelle from Chicago

"Matthew Mancinelli is a great guy. So polite, good etiquette, and comes with a great sense of humor." - Cassie from Tennessee 

"My son loves the kids shows on 4KUniverse early mornings" - Dahlia from Los Angeles

"We partied together at the Super Bowl that one year the Patriots played the Giants in Scottsdale. I loved hanging out with him, because I knew he was going to be a big deal." - Tara from The Valley

"Watch 4KUniverse while smoking a cigar. You're welcome." - Danielle from Los Angeles

"I vacation in Palm Springs and tune to 4KUniverse. That's my escape." - Marisa from West Hollywood

"Matthew is so creative. And so approachable." - Heather from Long Island

"Let's Goooo" - David from Boston 


Mom, Dad. You've done your research. Now go sign up the family to 4KUniverse!

4KUniverse reviews
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