4KUniverse's Cover Model of the Month


Q&A with Nikita

1) Hometown:

Chicago, Illinois!

2) Favorite Sport to play:

mmmmm, does hot yoga count? Horseback riding?

3) Favorite Sport to watch: 

Baseball!  But only if live. And preferably at a Cubs game at Wrigley stadium :)

4) Favorite 4K TV Show on 4KUniverse: 

Blue World

5) Favorite Vacation Spot:

Africa. Hands down!

6) What qualities do you look for in your ideal Man?

A man with good values and morals over everything. A true gentleman. And a real man. 

7) What is your favorite Theme Park ride: 

Hehe, so… I actually had this convo with one of my chefs the other day. She asked me if I like roller coasters. My answer? Well, I used to. But ever since I dived head first into the restaurant industry, I feel that feeling in my tummy way too often, I don’t need to get that thrill from rollercoasters anymore! 😇

8) Can you tell the 4KUniverse fans more about yourself and what you’re currently working on…? (Your own business, brand, or website to plug)              

Totally! So I will say this, the last few months have been a very strange transitionary phase of niketo. We opened as a concept in a cloud kitchen situation, but we realized that was not the best Avenue. So we are opening a storefront in Beverly Hills.  And…… incorporated into our storefront will be a couple of other things that are super excited to announce which will be involved in that as well :)