Matthew Mancinelli Quotes

"I AM the tipping point."

- Matthew Mancinelli (5.9.23)

"I forgive you."

- Matthew Mancinelli (5.10.23)

"An unforeseen obstacle can empower you, simultaneously becoming a barrier to entry for others."

- Matthew Mancinelli (5.10.23)

"When the whole world is watching... give 'em a show & inspire them to believe."

- Matthew Mancinelli (5.10.23)

"4KUniverse is the Disney of 4K resolution."

- Matthew Mancinelli (5.10.23)

"Go forward steadfast in Christ."

- Matthew Mancinelli (6.14.24)

"No one on the planet has had the same life experience as you."

- Matthew Mancinelli (5.26.24)

"A moment of kindness is a moment of magic."

- Matthew Mancinelli (5.26.24)

"Poverty of spirit leads you to Christ."

- Matthew Mancinelli (5.22.24)

"Every day is a puzzle. Solve it."

- Matthew Mancinelli (5.16.24)

"Enlightenment hits you like a bolt of lightning. God's sanctifying grace. Blows your mind. A 100% consciousness shift. Multiple dark night of the soul later (most difficult thing life can put you through). It's like peeling layers of an onion daily."

- Matthew Mancinelli (4.30.24)

"Satan personally showed me some things and God personally showed me some more things."

- Matthew Mancinelli (4.25.24)

"Two roads diverged in a yellow wood presents 2 paths: the one frequently traveled and the one less traveled by. But what the fork in the road withholds is but a whisper of a 3rd path: the pathless path."

- Matthew Mancinelli (4.24.24)

"In my career, the moment I felt the most accomplished, felt the most proud of my years of hard work, was the moment I was told Comcast Xfinity & XUMO TV accepted 4KUNIVERSE's 4K video & audio tech specs & our successfully-uploaded SVOD feed."

- Matthew Mancinelli (2.20.24)

“I find myself in a very interesting situation, broadly speaking. From a cosmic / divine point-of-view.”

- Matthew Mancinelli (4/12/24)

"Here's some daily motivation for ya. God blessed me right before launching a national streaming service and the mission manifested into spreading Love, Light & Magic. I mean, c'mon, wow! I am grateful for Divine Timing and thankful for my angels. You are loved and can literally change the world if you believe you can! It is already written."

- Matthew Mancinelli (May 8, 2023)

"I'm looking to have some fun, diving into the movie-making process, and leading my studio with empathy. Doors are open."

- Matthew Mancinelli (2022)

"Much love, light & Magic to the fans."

- Matthew Mancinelli 

"In a moment of reflection, I have spent the past 10 years with my head down building two entertainment companies. I think I'm done building new companies now. As I "awaken," I truly see the uphill struggle for growth and I am up for the challenge. I am now looking for companies who wish to advertise with our direct-to-consumer family entertainment brand. Category sponsorship exclusives, integrated marketing, and advertising campaigns are now available. We are also accepting new television series for global distribution consideration. 4KUniverse Pictures is looking for new 4K movies to release in theaters and on streaming. 4KUniverse Network is seeking  to expand its cable/sat/IPTV operator affiliates all around the world. Moving forward, I would like Facebook/Instagram to address the shadowbanning on my companies. Social media is no longer social if a company can't reach an audience. It's evident it's pay to play. Makes me want to traditional advertise in the sunday paper. To schedule a business meeting or lunch with me, please reach out. Here's to the next 10 years with 4KUniverse and Mance Media. Popcorn Peter, Candy Cassie, and the 4KUniverse cartoons wanted me to tell you 'Hi!'." 

- Matthew Mancinelli (10.5.21)

"I thought my entry point was being first to 4K. Then I thought it was the content. Then I thought it was the family entertainment brand. Lo & behold, it's a piece of popcorn and strawberry frosted donut."

- Matthew Mancinelli (11.28.21)