Matthew Brian, A Great Spiritual Leader

Suggested Donation: $1/week.
Important Dates on the Calendar
(Holidays recognized by 4KUniverse Multiverse)
4KUniverse Enlightenment Days
Celebrates the eternal love and pure bliss in your soul.
Activities: Gather with loved ones and drink Añejo Tequila all day. Meditate with a group.
Can you take off work? Yes.
April 4 - April 5
4KUniverse Ascension
Celebrates the birth of Matthew Brian, a great spiritual leader.
Activities:  Exchange gifts with loved ones after a vegan meal
Can you take off work? Yes.
September 15
4KUniverse Multiverse Night
Celebrates 4KUniverse Multiverse, the new cinematic movie world!
Activities: 50% discounts online on merchandise and toys. An in-person Chief of Staff Access event is held.
Can you take off work? Yes.
September 22