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1.  4X more pixels (4KUniverse) than HD (1080p)

2.  1 Billion Colors (4KUniverse) vs. 16.7 Million Colors (HD)

3.   Richer Blacks (4KUniverse) vs. Washed out Blacks (HD)

4.   Lifelike picture quality & sharper images (4KUniverse) vs. Blurry HD

5.   High Frame Rates (60fps)(4KUniverse) vs. Low Frame Rates (30fps)(HD)

6.   4K + HDR = 4KUNIVERSE

7.   Live + VOD in one app (4KUniverse)

8.   Only $10/mo, after a 7-Day Free Trial

9.   Your friends will buy you a drink for introducing them to us

10. 4KUniverse provides great date nights for you and your spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend

11. Distract & educate your children with 4KUniverse's early-morning airings & children's educational content

12. 4KUniverse is the best companion for your new 4K HDR TV

13. 4KUniverse is the brainchild of Matthew Mancinelli

14. Subscribe now and enjoy seeing us grow over the years knowing you were there from the start. Welcome to the 4KUniverse family.


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