Investor Relations

"I'm asking $2 Billion for the whole thing. The whole kit and caboodle. I would like to keep some equity until the day I die, but who knows what will materialize. The math makes sense when you factor in 18X, buying out future global cash flows, brand equity, multiple cycles of 4K content library windowing valuations, cartoon characters, upcoming King Matthew blockbuster franchise + an entire new movie universe to rival Marvel & DC, 4KUniverse Multiverse. Additionally, our Cable TV/Linear TV 4KU logo (full color gradient over the black circle) visually appears like it has always existed. Kind of looks like the ABC logo. Lastly, 4KUniverse = 100% 4K resolution content. The question is, what percentage of 4K TV market share will 4KUniverse enjoy across America? The potential is huge!
Fielding offers now."
- Matthew Mancinelli, Founder & CEO, 4KUniverse, Inc. (May 30, 2023)

4KUniverse, Inc. email:

4KUNIVERSE = a pool of new IP (intellectual property).

* A NEW movie universe

* Hundreds of NEW characters across comics, movies, TV series, merch & theme parks

* A NEW, young, Hollywood Studio Head (age 40)

* A NEW 100% 4K Streaming Service

* A NEW Live 24/7 4K Linear TV Channel

* A NEW Family Entertainment / General Entertainment direct-to-consumer brand

* A NEW 5-movie Blockbuster Franchise 'King Matthew'

* A NEW V.I.P. Plan, 'Chief of Staff Access', as a NFT Utility Card on the blockchain. Perks include 50% OFF at the 4KU Shop and the ability to watch Rated R movies on 4KUniverse.

* A NEW Brand Mission of spreading Love, Light & Magic worldwide

* Ability to put on a 4K Pay-Per-View Event

* The '4KUniverse Unicorns', 12 women brand ambassadors who dress up with a custom unicorn outfit

* 4KUniverse's first Superhero: 4KUMAN 

Subscriber Figures