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W     E    L     C    O    M    E

Willkommen!, ¡Bienvenido!, Bienvenue!, Benvenuto!, Bem-vindo!, Välkommen!, Hoş geldin!, Witaj!, Selamat datang!, Добро пожаловать!, Chào Mừng!, ยินดีต้อนรับ!, Velkommen!, 환영합니다!, Welkom!, 欢迎你来!, добре дошъл!, مرحبا

The Katherine Carol Welcome Center was officially opened and dedicated on March 9, 2021. White doves were released during the ceremony.


Let's Get YOU into the 4KUniverse, shall we? But First, a little scenic solo drive...


At The Katherine Carol Welcome Center, our favorite Holiday is always Halloween!



Bulletin Board


and of course, friendly help from the 4KUniverse Park Ranger... 

Directions to Enter the 4KUniverse

1. Please watch the Official 4KUniverse TV Commercial #1 

2. Get to know us! Watch a preview of one of our movies:

Mike Cannon: Life Begins

The New Legends of Monkey

Blue World

Cosmos Laundromat

The Empire of Winds

TOO LATE starring John Hawkes

4KUniverse's 4th of July Fireworks TV Special Starring Matthew Mancinelli

Model Turned Superstar

Go to your happy place

Go to your happy place (Cowboy)

4KUniverse Commercial #2: Give the gift of luxury

"Wonderment" 4KU TV Spot

You Found Us

Happy Valentines Day

Berlioz: La Symphonie Fantastique with John Eliot Gardiner 

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4. Enjoy America’s 1st 4K HDR TV Network on your favorite 4K device

5. Welcome to the 4KUniverse family. Enjoy the show.


We can tell you're ready. Let's Goooo

Join the 4KU Army to extract the Gold asteroid from within the 4KUniverse.


No that's OK, I just can't believe it, OMG! I just want to SIGN UP for the 4KUniverse 100% 4K Ultra HD Streaming Service, though.