Become a virtual Production Assistant (PA)

Production Assistants in Hollywood work around the clock to make sure a production, on or off set, runs smoothly.


Great Entry-Level Pay

Security with a guaranteed base pay. Opportunity for more through incentives.

Flexible Schedules

Part time or full time. You set your schedule week-by-week.

Personal Growth

You’ll challenge yourself and stretch your limits. Guaranteed.

Great Training

Learn how to set goals, manage time and communicate with skill.

Your Foot In The Door

A great way to build your resume and to get your foot in the door into Hollywood, as they say. Former employees trained by Matthew Mancinelli have gone on to have successful careers at such companies as Lionsgate, CAA, BRON, VMI Worldwide, DRG & more.


Tips for Training:

  • Keep an open mind and a positive attitude.
  • Be involved. Ask questions if something is unclear.
  • Give yourself enough time so you're not stressed. Plan on arriving at least 15 minutes early.
  • Have fun and be yourself!

What To Expect

Here's what you can expect over the next few weeks:

  • You'll attend an initial virtual training session. 
  • You'll be given the tools, materials, and the skills needed to succeed.

If you're a bit nervous, that's totally normal. You're starting something new and exciting



Job Purpose: Production Assistant

Essential Responsibilities:

• Make off-lot and on-lot runs to pick up various items for the show. (i.e. camera cards, food, magazines, props, accounting runs, wardrobe runs, etc.

• Maintain the upkeep and stock the kitchen daily

• Maintain the upkeep and stock of the copy room, printers, and faxes throughout the office

• Assist Producers and ENG crews on shoots

• Escort our Live show guests onto our secured stage

• Assist other departments when needed

• Other various duties as assigned by your Supervisor


Qualifications/Requirements Basic Qualifications:

• Minimum 1 year of experience working with Microsoft Suite (Word, Excel, Gmail, etc.)

• Interested candidates must submit a resume for this job online to be considered

• Willingness to work long hours and on some weekends with short notice

• Must have personal vehicle with insurance and driver’s license

• Must be willing to work in Orange County, CA and Los Angeles, CA

• Must have work authorization to work in the United States

• College degree preferred

• Strong Organizational, and leadership skills with great attention to detail

• Strong communication skills and relationship building ability

• Demonstrated ability to think clearly and quickly under pressure

• Must demonstrate a high quality of work performed, both accurately and efficiently

• Must work effectively under own initiative and strict deadlines

• Self-Starters who are assertive, enthusiastic and highly motivated 


About 4KUniverse

Founded in 2016 by Matthew Mancinelli, 4KUniverse is America's 1st 4K HDR TV Network. The network consists of a 24-hour general entertainment 4K Cable TV channel and a direct-to-consumer Ultra HD streaming service priced at $10/month. Our one-of-a-kind TV Network features eye-popping visuals 4X the number of pixels as HD, vibrant colors thanks to WCG (wide color gamut), HDR (High Dynamic Range), and provides the perfect companion to the tens of millions of 4K TV's currently in American households. 4KUniverse is a much-welcomed addition to the traditional Cable TV package and 'streaming wars.' It even has its own sort of world, called the 4KUniverse Multiverse. This world is filled with hundreds of movie characters, storylines, Heroes, Villains, love interests, and wars.