4K HDR Sample File (Download)




Mike Cannon: Life Begins (1x60)(1 Hour)

Model Turned Superstar (18x30)(9 Hours)(pw: artistspot)

Plant-Based By Nafsika (12x30)(6 Hours)

The Empire of Winds (1x60)(1 Hour)(pw: artistspot)

4KU Cigar Review with Matt and Mike (26x30)(13 Hours)

The Hoh Rainforest (1x60)(1 Hour)(pw: artistspot)

Kaleidoscope with Kriss Kyle (1x60)(1 Hour)

4KUniverse's 4th of July Fireworks TV Special (1x30)(.5 Hours)

Mount Rainier Docu-series (3x30)(1.5 Hours)(pw: artistspot)

4KUniverse's New Year's Eve 2021 TV Special (1x60)(1 Hour)

Bare Knuckle Boxing Matches (8x180)(24 Hours)

Grand Canyon Documentary (1x60)(1 Hour)(pw: artistspot)

Blue World (10x30)(5 Hours)

Seven (1x30)(.5 Hours)

Cosmos Laundromat (1x30)(.5 Hours)

Seattle: The Emerald City (1x60)(1 Hour)(pw: artistspot)

Dragons: Real Myths and Unreal Legends (1x60)(1 Hour)(pw: artistspot)

The Slow Mo Guys (30x30)(15 Hours)

The Toy Soldiers (1x223)(2 Hours 30min)(pw: artistspot)

Redwood National Forest Documentary (1x60)(1 Hour)(pw: artistspot)

Pro Beach Volleyball (1x180)(3 Hours)

Sports Fishing with Dan Hernandez (30x30)(15 Hours)

The Tigers of Scotland (1x60)(1 Hour)

4KUniverse 5pm Daily World News Hour (40x60)(40 hours) - Delivery starts Feb 2021 (Daily news show in 4K)

Sports Room (40x60)(40 Hours) - Delivery starts May 2021 (Sports Highlight show in 4K)

Power Suit (40x60)(40 Hours) - Delivery starts June 2021 (Stock Market show in 4K)

4KUniverse's Classic Car Rundown (8x30)(4 Hours)

A 4KUniverse Christmas Animated Fairytale (1x30)(.5 Hours)

Orange County Live (26x30)(13 Hours) - Delivery starts August 2021 (Travel Show)

4KUniverse's Nature Documentaries (100 hours) - Delivery starts July 2021

338 Hours