January 15, 2016





 LOS ANGELES, CA – JAN 15, 2017 – 4KUNIVERSE, the first 24/7 4K Ultra HD general entertainment channel launched in North America by Matthew Mancinelli announced today it has signed a 10-year agreement with tech company DiaDem Technologies to distribute the channel throughout China.


The wide-ranging agreement gives DiaDem Technologies exclusive distribution rights to 4KUNIVERSE in China, grants them authority to secure content approval with the Chinese government and becomes the technology backbone to launch 4KUNIVERSE’S 4K linear and 4K SVOD offering across all platforms.


“It’s refreshing that both Gordon Gu, CEO of Diadem Technologies and I share the same vision about 4K market growth, rapid deployment of fiber internet speeds and the eventual rollout of 5G mobile technology, says Founder/CEO of 4KUNIVERSE, Matthew Mancinelli. “I look forward to working together to distribute the 4KUNIVERSE channel to the millions of Chinese who currently, and will eventually, own a 4K-enabled device.”


“It’s a great opportunity to both DiaDem and 4KUNIVERSE to promote and develop the 4K market through all tech ways, from fiber, cable, satellite, wireless and coming 5G mobile, etc. Our investment on SEEi.TV, the leading live-streaming tech platform, can offer both IP and SDI signal to all individuals/OTTs and TVs, thus to keep the Max flexibility to match with the market expectation. The same vision on both technology and market development trends for 4K affords a natural partnership between our companies. I trust the 10 year exclusive partnership can bring fruitful return to both,” says Gordon Gu, CEO of DiaDem Technologies.




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4KUNIVERSE is the first 24/7 4K Ultra HD general entertainment channel in North America, offering picturesque TV series, action-packed movies, informative documentaries, LIVE sports and primetime programming all in stunning 4K resolution. The first-of-its-kind channel is available as linear television via cable/satellite and as streaming SVOD (subscription video on demand) across OTT apps. 4KUNIVERSE is the Official 4K Home of the AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Tour. For more information, please visit: http://www.4kuniversenow.com


About DiaDem Technologies

DiaDem is leading the live streaming solution and service offering to top tier media customers in china, First 4k IP streaming delivery thru both Land and Satellite with partners such as Giant as Sony China and Top Media, etc., the investment SEEi.TV is unique on the combined Land and Satellite mixed IP/SDI transmission to satisfy on individuals/OTT and TVs, etc. For more information, please visit http://www.diadem-tech.cn and its sister company ADINNO, http://www.adinno.org and the 4k UHD live stream web service http://www.seei.tv


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